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“Nature is perfect. The delicacy and beauty of its fragrances are quite unique. The fragrances of nature give us joy and well-being. We concentrate all our attention to this valuable elixir of life, these natural and pure essential oils.”
Bernhard Mirwald,
founder of Neumond – Düfte der Natur

100% all-natural Neumond-quality

100% all-natural essential oils from Neumond come from the best farming regions in the worlds, insofar as possible from certified organic farming, and are certified by the control organisation ABCert.

Neumond essential oils – the power of nature

Neumond’s 100% naturally pure essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences from blossoms, leaves, fruits, woods, resins or roots – with the full power of nature.

Producing the best scents

The plants for the delicate Neumond scents grow under ideal natural conditions and deliver essential oils of especially high quality. All essential oils from Neumond are tested for genuineness and quality by experienced professionals in specialised analysis laboratories and with the help of the latest techniques.

Neumond products are 100% all-natural, come mostly from certified organic farming and are always developed and produced without testing on animals.

Neumond essential oils – the power of nature

The 100% all-natural essential oils from Neumond are highly concentrated herbal essences with all the power of nature.

Naturally pure essential oils imbue harmony and well-being and are distinguished by a natural effect based on the interaction of biologically active plant substances.

Neumond essential oils are 100% natural and pure, and their natural powers support your wellness, beauty and health care.

You often come across synthetic or falsified fragrance oils incorrectly described as “natural,” which have been blended with substances similar to nature or synthetic substances. You can recognise them by their sparse, often inadequate declaration, by their improbably favourable price or just by their often unnatural smell.

Neumond – on the safe side of essential oils

BAll important informations of the Neumond essential oils are published in the pricelist (P) or on the label (L):

  1. The distinct note that the essential oil is 100% natural (P/L).
  2. The common and the botanical name (P/L), the country of origin (P/L), the characteristics and a description of the scent (P).
  3. The method of extracting: e.g. steam distillation, cold pressing, extraction (P/L).
  4. The product’s origin from certified organic production or wild plants (P/L).
  5. The used part of the plant, e.g. Anis (Seed) or Cinnamon (bark) (P/L).
  6. The information of the percentage of the included essential oil in dilutions of viscous oils. Some essential oils, so as e.g. Vanilla or Iris are diluted in pure organic alcohol, to make them easier to use (P/L).
  7. The distinct note, that a scent-composition is made from 100% natural ingredients only. (P/E).
  8. The batch-number to enable the identification of the filling (L), the exact fill quantity in ml (P/L).
  9. The recommended shelf life (L).
  10. Name and place of the responsible producer (P/L).
  11. The legally legally required signing of some essential oils and the appropriate safety phrases as a prophylactic protection against accidental swallowing (L).

All Neumond essential oils are equipped with a childproof cap.

Pure natural fragrances and cosmetics with certificate

All fragrances and natural cosmetics from Neumond labelled with the term “bio” come from certified organic production and are certified by ABCert.

Organic farming makes a significant contribution to the protection of climate, landscape, soil, water and air, the conservation of species and not least for the protection of human health by the renunciation of genetic engineering, chemical-synthetic pesticides, slightly soluble mineral fertilizers and chemical-synthetic growth regulators and hormones.

When choosing our range, we commit ourselves uncompromisingly to the natural purity and quality of our products, as well as to the mindfulness and respect for nature and life. The ingredients in Neumond natural cosmetics come from certified organic farming, e.g. all cold-pressed base oils, hydrolates, alcohol and almost all essential oils.