Nature's Best Fragrances

The scent of pleasant fragrances give us a feeling of well-being, they enchant the atmosphere and help to keep us fit and healthy. Just a few drops of natural essential oils in a scented lamp fill the room with a delicate perfume, refresh the air and create a harmonious atmosphere. With natural Neumond oils you can enjoy fragranced baths, apply aromatic skin care and massage oils, make your own perfume, add scent to creams, soaps, and shampoos, make refreshing towels, repel insects and much more.

Natural essential oils have long been accepted as part of the healing arts of many cultures as a proven method of caring for our physical, spiritual and mental health. Even modern chemical analyses provide evidence of the effectiveness of essential oils. Essential oils stimulate our immune system and increase our resistance to illness and disease. They cleanse and disinfect the air and help to alleviate and prevent everyday complaints. Even in modern medicine and cosmetics, natural essential oils are a standard ingredient, for example to fight off germs, to prevent infection or to stimulate blood circulation.

The 100% all-natural essential oils from Neumond are highly concentrated herbal essences with a broad variety of positive effects.

Essential oils with the notation "bio" come from certified organic production. All 1- and 2ml-packs come with a glass-pipette.

100% naturreine ätherische Öle
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